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Several years ago, Baptist Health Louisville was facing an upcoming retirement within their abstraction staff, and the quality leadership team foresaw several potential problems they wanted to avoid. First, the existing abstraction staff didn’t have the capacity to take on all the extra work from their retiring colleague. They could possibly cover the workload temporarily. But shifting the work to them wasn’t a long-term solution and would inevitably cause burnout. Secondly, without a longer-term solution in place, a backlog would certainly pile up.

Launching a search to hire a replacement abstractor is usually the first response to anticipated turnover. But finding the right qualified professional with the necessary experience in data abstraction is difficult and costly. Without sufficient experience and training, data accuracy can suffer. So Baptist Health Louisville decided to explore alternatives to keeping abstraction in-house.


Handover to a Trusted Partner

With over 500 beds, Baptist Health Louisville had a robust abstraction program. So apprehension by department leadership at the thought of sharing control of their quality data could be expected. In fact, it’s a sign of a good leader – one who’s cautious with the partners they select. ADN is very familiar with working with quality leaders to put this feeling at ease, starting with proactive and timely communication. Over time, trust develops as ADN’s expertise and competence become clear.

As another one of ADN’s clients put it, “It’s important to understand that when you outsource, it doesn’t mean you let go of the accuracy or the completion of that data. You don’t ever let go of that. However, when I outsource it, I have another partner. And I am not solely responsible for the obtaining of that data.”


More Time to Focus On Quality

The team at Baptist Health Louisville recognizes that their time is better spent using their data to improve care quality rather than spending internal time and resources collecting it. Outsourcing manual data abstraction to ADN lifts the burden of data collection, freeing up time and brainpower, so their team can fully focus on proactive quality improvement.

And their approach is working…well. As a result of their outstanding performance in quality of care and adherence to guidelines, the American College of Cardiology awarded the hospital the Chest Pain - MI Registry Silver Performance Achievement Award in 2021 and later the Platinum Performance Achievement Award in 2022.



Cost-Benefit Analysis Template




An Easy to Use Template to Create Cost-Benefit Analysis in Under Three Minutes

American Data Network provides Core Measures & Registry Data Abstraction Services to reduce the burden on your facility so you can focus on proactive quality management. ADN’s Outsourcing Cost Benefit Analysis Template will enable you to make a data-driven decision on whether outsourcing is right for your facility.




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“Working with ADN has been nothing but a pleasure. My questions and or concerns are always addressed timely by an attentive team member with kindness and professionalism.” 

Melanie Hedges Draper  

Core Measures Coordinator, Baptist Health Medical Center – Hot Spring County 

“I appreciate that your team is so knowledgeable and thorough. I absolutely do not regret my decision to go with ADN! Thanks!” 

Marsha Donaldson 

Quality & Performance Improvement Manager, Martin Health

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