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Good Catch / Near Miss Campaign Toolkit

While experts consider near misses to be unmatched predictors of medical error, research shows they are markedly underreported.

ADN PSO data confirmed that notion. Near misses represented only 6.8% of all 2016 events submitted to ADN PSO, a representation significantly less than Unsafe Conditions or Incidents.

Forty-five hospitals, dispersed across the state of Arkansas, participated in ADN PSO’s Good Catch campaign.

Overall, these hospitals achieved 95% of the campaign goal and saw a 47% increase in near miss reporting over baseline. Together, participating facilities reported an average of 246 more near misses per MONTH during the 2017 campaign. 

This toolkit will provide you with a host of materials to run your own Good Catch Campaign.

Tool Kit Includes:

good-catch-toolkit-iconTips for Making the Most of Hospital Huddles (Video) good-catch-toolkit-iconGood Catch Program: Blueprint for Success
good-catch-toolkit-iconGood Catch Program: Blueprint Companion Guide good-catch-toolkit-iconGood Catch Team Charter Document
good-catch-toolkit-iconGood Catch Campaign References good-catch-toolkit-iconGood Catch Frontline Staff Education Powerpoint
good-catch-toolkit-iconGood Catch Campaign Press Release Template good-catch-toolkit-iconPrintable Poster (8×11 and 11×17)
good-catch-toolkit-iconEmail Signature Banner good-catch-toolkit-iconNear Miss Infographic
good-catch-toolkit-iconKey to Near Miss Outcomes: Front Line Empowerment Infographic (Web Version or Poster) good-catch-toolkit-iconScreensavers & Desktop Backgrounds
good-catch-toolkit-iconWebsite Ads good-catch-toolkit-iconHow To Use Document for Email Footer / Screensaver / Desktop Background