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Good Catch / Near Miss Campaign Ebook

good-catch-ebook-fan-600“How 45 Hospitals Increased Near Miss Reports by 47% Plus A Guide to Run the Same Near Miss Campaign”

While experts consider near misses to be unmatched predictors of medical error, research shows they are markedly underreported.

ADN PSO data confirmed that notion. Near misses represented only 6.8% of all 2016 events submitted to ADN PSO, a representation significantly less than Unsafe Conditions or Incidents.

Turning this situation around was challenging, but the results were well worth the effort.

Forty-five hospitals, dispersed across the state of Arkansas, participated in ADN PSO’s Good Catch campaign.

Overall, these hospitals achieved 95% of the campaign goal and saw a 47% increase in near miss reporting over baseline. Together, participating facilities reported an average of 246 more near misses per MONTH during the 2017 campaign.