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Increase Event Reporting Toolkit

TYP-Increase-Event-Reporting-ToolkitEvent reporting is essential to identifying, understanding, and addressing underlying factors and circumstances that contribute to medical errors. The insights gained from voluntarily reported incidents, near misses, and unsafe conditions bring to light fractured processes that may otherwise be hidden.

Unfortunately, many events never get reported. Understanding the barriers to reporting and helping staff overcome them is crucial to building and maintaining a healthy reporting culture. 

ADN has developed an extensive toolkit to help your facility increase event reporting so you can gain maximum visibility into opportunities to improve care outcomes. 

Toolkit includes:

Guides & Checklists

good-catch-toolkit-iconIncrease Event Reporting Checklist
good-catch-toolkit-iconIntensive Reporting Days Checklist
good-catch-toolkit-iconeBook: A Guide to Improving Your Patient Safety Event Reporting Culture Plus a Leadership Action List

Tools & Templates

good-catch-toolkit-iconPatient Safety Event Reporting Rate Calculator
good-catch-toolkit-iconIncrease Event Reporting Communication Templates for Senior Leaders
good-catch-toolkit-iconIntensive Reporting Days Communication Templates
good-catch-toolkit-iconGAP Analysis Template for a Patient Safety Event Reporting System
good-catch-toolkit-iconMini Patient Safety Culture "Pulse Check" Survey and Automated Analytics Report Toolkit
good-catch-toolkit-iconCulture of Safety Organizational Self-Assessment Survey and Automated Analytics Report Toolkit
good-catch-toolkit-iconEmail Signature Banner to Promote Event Reporting

Posters & Tipsheets

good-catch-toolkit-iconEvent Reporting Examples Tipsheet (Acute and Clinic versions)
good-catch-toolkit-iconBarriers to Reporting Poster
good-catch-toolkit-iconIntensive Reporting Days Poster
good-catch-toolkit-iconAnatomy of an Incident Poster (Acute and Clinic versions)
good-catch-toolkit-iconAnatomy of a Near Miss Poster (Acute and Clinic versions)
good-catch-toolkit-iconAnatomy of an Unsafe Condition Poster (Acute and Clinic versions)
good-catch-toolkit-iconNear Misses: Engaging and Empowering Frontline Staff Poster
good-catch-toolkit-iconEvent Category Weather Forecast Poster 
good-catch-toolkit-iconEvent Reporting Contest Poster
good-catch-toolkit-iconEvent Reporting Examples Poster (Acute and Clinic versions)
good-catch-toolkit-iconGeneral Event Reporting Promotional Posters (8.5x11 and 11x17)