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Excess Cost and Length of Stay Calculator + Case Study: “Identifying Excess Cost & Length of Stay of Adverse Patient Safety Events”


During the past decade, healthcare quality and patient safety have emerged as major targets for ongoing monitoring, seeing great strides in the improvement of patient outcomes, particularly through the measurement of adverse events. These types of events, can lead to increased resource utilization and greater intensity of service, resulting in additional cost and days of hospitalization.

American Data Network (ADN) has published a free business case titled “A Business Case: Identifying Excess Cost & Length of Stay of Adverse Patient Safety Events” using the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) Patient Safety Indicators (PSI) to evaluate excess cost and Length of Stay (LOS) per type of adverse event. The data used was benchmarked against both the HCUP All Payer database (4+ million records representing 484 facilities) and the CMS MEDPAR database (13+ million records representing 3,378 facilities).

In addition, ADN has created a free online calculator which can assist facilities in quantifying their own excess cost and LOS for selected PSIs simply by entering a few figures related to your own PSI volumes, cost and LOS. Get your free copy of this case study and calculator by filling out the form!

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