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Easy-to-Use Fall Prevention Calculator based on Morse Fall Scale

ADN built an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly Fall Prevention Calculator to place proactive fall prevention and strategic care planning at your fingertips. This fall prevention calculator builds on the Morse Fall Scale by identifying suggested interventions based on a clinicians' answers to the Morse Fall Scale for that patient.MUPCP-MorseFall     

Adaptable and responsive, our calculator ensures optimal functionality across all devices – be it at a workstation or on a phone on the floor. This universal design guarantees that an accurate fall risk assessment and reminder of appropriate interventions is always within reach.

Using this tool, medical personnel will:

good-catch-toolkit-iconQuickly answer six short questions to gather non-identifiable patient data,

good-catch-toolkit-iconRapidly identify the likelihood of a fall,

good-catch-toolkit-iconEstimate whether the risk is high, moderate, low, or if there is no fall risk present, and

good-catch-toolkit-icon Suggest best-practice interventions based on patient-specific risk factors.