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When the quality director for a leading Pennsylvania hospital received a call from American Data Network, she was initially skeptical. The outreach was, incidentally, very timely as she was currently considering leaving their existing Core Measures vendor due to frustration with the application’s poor reports functionality as well as the lack of communication from the vendor. 

While initially impressed with the superior reporting features of ADN’s application, the hospital’s quality team was shocked to discover how much they were overpaying for their current vendor’s application. In fact, the facility was able to get ADN’s Core Measures application AND OUTSOURCE their entire abstraction workload for less than they were paying just for their previous vendor’s application. Having been reassured by a smooth onboarding process, the facility quickly turned to ADN for help with a backlog in one of its registries. They learned firsthand that partnering with ADN means having an extended team of experts they can count on for support. 

ADN’s mission is to invest in the success of our clients. That starts with fairly priced applications and services and is strengthened by attentive and timely client communication.


Core Measures Application


Our easy-to-use application provides a fast, secure way to fully comply with all data reporting requirements of The Joint Commission and CMS.


  • Abstract Any or All Measure Sets
  • Robust Suite of Products
  • Transmission Support
  • Real-Time & Historical Tracking
  • Minimize Abstraction Time
  • Collect Supplemental Data
  • Generate Detailed Reports
  • In-Application Tips & Definitions

We’re Credentialed


The Joint Commission


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid


About American Data Network

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For more than 25 years, American Data Network (ADN), which is also the parent company to its Patient Safety Organization (ADNPSO), has worked with large data sets from various sources, aggregating and mining data to identify patterns, trends, and priorities within the clinical, financial, quality and patient safety arenas. ADN developed the Quality Assurance Communication (QAC) application, with which hospitals, clinics, rehabs, and other providers record and manage patient safety events. By entering events into ADN’s QAC application and submitting them to ADNPSO, information is federally protected and thereby privileged and confidential. These protections provide a safe harbor to learn from mistakes and improve patient safety.


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Client feedback 

Hear what our customers say it’s like to partner with us. 

“Working with ADN has been nothing but a pleasure. My questions and or concerns are always addressed timely by an attentive team member with kindness and professionalism.” 

Melanie Hedges Draper  

Core Measures Coordinator, Baptist Health Medical Center – Hot Spring County 

“I appreciate that your team is so knowledgeable and thorough. I absolutely do not regret my decision to go with ADN! Thanks!” 

Marsha Donaldson 

Quality & Performance Improvement Manager, Martin Health



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