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Safety Organizing Scale – High Reliability Survey and Automated Analytics Report Toolkit

Safety Organizing Scale – High Reliability Toolkit

The Safety Organizing Scale (SOS), developed as part of the study "The Safety Organizing Scale: Development and Validation of a Behavioral Measure of Safety Culture in Hospital Nursing Units," was designed to analyze self-reporting team behaviors that contribute to an organization's culture of safety. The 9-question survey assesses how the organization embraces each of the five cognitive processes geared towards anticipating and containing the unexpected:

  • Preoccupation with failure, 
  • Reluctance to simplify interpretations,
  • Sensitivity to operations,
  • Commitment to resilience, and 
  • Deference to expertise.

American Data Network has developed an easy-to-use template that your organization can use to administer the survey as well as an analytics report that is automatically generated as you receive responses.