Top 10 Patient Safety "Other" Event Subcategories

4-Year Analysis by ADNPSO Reveals Other Events Accounted for 43% of all Events, Underscoring Need for Other Subcategories


The "Other" category in patient safety event reporting tends to serve as a catchall for events that do not fit neatly into the types standardized by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) Common Formats. Moreover, because there is no nationally-defined or uniform collection for Other events, the data captured is largely narrative, which makes it more difficult to analyze and may result in missed opportunities to mitigate risk and harm.

ADNPSO conducted an extensive analysis of the Other event type, identifying reporting trends and creating resultant subcategories in ADN’s event reporting application as a means for further segmentation. The list of 33 subcategories allows providers to better isolate and understand the types of events that do not fit neatly within the AHRQ Common Formats.

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