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The work you do is important. It’s important for patients. It’s important to your organization’s bottom line. Our expertise and tools will equip you with a better understanding of your data that can then be used to assess opportunities and inform new quality and patient safety strategies.


How One Hospital’s Approach to Quality Data Led to a Platinum NCDR Award

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Facing upcoming abstractor turnover, Baptist Health Louisville leadership overcame initial reservations against outsourcing and partnered with ADN to free up staff to focus more on performance improvement, and ultimately achieved a Platinum NCDR award.

Baptist Health Louisville
519-Bed Acute Care Hospital
Louisville, Kentucky


Data Abstraction Outsourcing

Core Measures & Registry Data Abstraction Outsourcing

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Loma Linda University Health used a vendor disruption as an opportunity to centralize abstraction with a vetted partner and amplify performance improvement work to achieve an ROI.

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“My former abstractors are now stronger partners with our operations teams, like our physicians or our nurse clinicians, in really understanding and dissecting the data, and being able to participate in quality improvement. Their clinical brain is now transitioned from abstraction to partnering in making our performance better. And that’s been a big win for many of our teams."

Brenda Bruneau, MBA, RN
Assistant Vice President of Quality & Patient Safety
Loma Linda University Health

Case Study Core Measures Data Abstraction Outsourcing

Due to abstractor turnover, Alameda Health System outsourced to ADN to eliminate the data collection burden, save money and strengthen focus on its mission.

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“Having a partner such as ADN that is specialized in this allows us to free up our time and brainpower to do other things that are a priority for our organization."

Hazel De Leon
System Director of Quality & Outcomes
Alameda Health System

Case STudy Patient Safety Event Reporting Application

The easy-to-use analytics in ADN's application helped Minden Medical Center uncover a hidden fall trend and implement process improvements.

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"Frontline staff learned how to use the system very quickly. We call it the ‘Easy Button’ because it’s so easy to report an event."

Christi Owen
Director of Quality and Risk Management
Minden Medical Center

Case Study Core Measures Data Abstraction Outsourcing

A Pennsylvania hospital outsourced its data abstraction to ADN and got a better Core Measures App, both for less than their previous product-only contract.

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ADN’s mission is to invest in the success of our clients. That starts with fairly priced applications and services and is strengthened by attentive and timely client communication. After 25 years in business, we strongly believe that

“Relationships move at the speed of trust.”